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summer shorts sewing!

I’ve been sewing a ton of shorts for the bee this summer, and I’m unreasonably excited about it!

The bee is nothing if not steadfast (read: stubborn) in her beliefs, but every once in a while she changes her mind, to the shock of all around her, and will proclaim something like “Mama, I want some shorts.”  For the past four years, skirts and dresses were the only acceptable summer attire, scalding hot metal slides and swing seats be damned.  So this is why I’m unreasonable in my excitement: no more tears on the playground due to angry thighs, no more mud and/or popsicle stains on her dresses, and the gradual understanding that there can be play-clothes and not-play-clothes. Just when I’d resigned myself to everything being play-clothes.

Each of these pairs is based on the Kid Shorts pattern by Made Everyday. It’s a great pattern and she’s got tons of variations and blog posts to go with.  I highly recommend it.

Click on an image for one of those big pop-up slideshow thingies!

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