Digitally printed fabrics developed for my thesis, "A Childrenswear Experiment: Creating a Vibrant, Textural and Imaginative Collection"

"This work explores the use of multiple textile mediums, manufacturing technologies and finishing techniques to create a vibrant, textural and imaginative collection of children’s wear and interior fabrics for the high-end marketplace. The design concept focuses on three keywords: stimulating, contrasting and whimsical. Bright, bold colors were derived from cartoons and toys, and combined in exciting, dizzying ways. Pattern direction was selected from classic plaids and color effects, and from scientific images, photographs and diagrams; microscopic images of cells lend themselves to interpretation and creativity. Textures were inspired by slick or soft toys and macro-photography of nature. Contrast between colors, patterns and surface is a key element of this collection."

digital print on silk

printed, textile design