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Meet Mouse!

This fall, I very quietly launched my very first sewing pattern – meet Mouse!


Mouse is a very simple sewing pattern, great for beginning sewers and those new to sewing softies.  He can be sewn by either hand or machine.  I’ll be sharing some tips for cutting out his tiny pieces, transferring the face markings, and sewing him up.

My favorite thing about the Mouse pattern is that he comes in a very clever one-page book!  You’ll see instructions when you read the book, but when you unfold and open it up – tada! – all of the pattern pieces, a few tips, and instructions for making your own one-page book are on the back of the page. Simply unfold and trace to get started!  This book construction is inspired by zines, DIY magazines that people collage or illustrate, print or photocopy, and distribute all on their own.



Mouse is currently available for purchase at Clementine in Rockland, Maine and in my online shop.  I wish that I could offer this pattern as a pdf download, but alas I cannot; larger printer margins make the book layout wonky.  So, when purchasing from my online shop, you will receive a copy of the physical pattern in the mail, direct from me!  I’m very excited to be sending mail like in the days of yore, and just like a real zine.  Mouse will ship via the USPS standard mail.

I truly hope that you like Mouse.  I think you’ll be fast friends.


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