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How to transfer markings for soft toy faces

Hi there!

Today I wanted to share with you the method that I use to transfer faces for soft toys and dolls, or other embroidery projects.

First, create your pattern piece.  I traced mouse’s body and face markings from my Mouse pattern onto freezer paper.

Next, I carefully used an x-acto knife to cut through the pattern pieces at the face markings.  I highlighted the lines that I cut with pink in the image below.  You don’t necessarily need to cut every line, and you want to avoid creating shapes that could be easily torn or distorted.  In this example, I cut the upper and lower whiskers on each side, and stitched a third line in the center when I embroidered the face.

Then I ironed my pattern piece onto the felt and cut out the front body piece.  Using a water soluble or iron-erasable pen, I drew along the slices I’d made in the pattern piece.

I carefully removed the freezer paper, and….voila!

I hope this technique is helpful to you the next time you need to transfer markings for embroidery!

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