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half-rainbow wallet

Hi there friends!

I’ve been attempting quite a bit of personal sewing lately, and I’m hoping to share some of my projects over the coming weeks.  First up: my “half-rainbow wallet!”


Before I get too far into talking about sewing up this bad boy, here are the details:

  • Pattern: Double Zip Wallet, from the book Handmade Style by Anna Graham of Noodlehead
  • Exterior Fabric: Hearts, color Punch, by Dear Stella (I only just realized these were hearts.  I thought they were tiny v’s!)
  • Orange Fabric: Pindots, color  Poppy, by American Jane Patterns/Moda
  • Yellow Fabric: Windscreen, color Yarrow, by Carolyn Friedlander/Robert Kaufman
  • Pocket lining fabric: canvas

Why “half-rainbow” you ask?  While selecting fabrics for this project, I was all over the place with crazy colors and patterns. I finally decided that I had to limit myself to just a few colors, and the first half of the rainbow won out.  This time.


Holly McBride Workshop | Half-Rainbow Wallet | hollymcbride.com

I loooooooved making this project! I’m going to tell you that the main reason I loved it was because it was challenging, but don’t be fooled; it was really fun.  I enjoy a little anal-retentive sewing now and again, especially tackling a project or technique that I’ve never attempted before, and this one fit the bill. And I’ve definitely never made anything as… pocketed? detailed?… wallety! as this before. The construction is very clever, and I really enjoyed watching it come together. You do have to pay close attention, and be pretty precise in your cutting and stitching, but overall it was super enjoyable to construct!

Holly McBride Workshop | Half-Rainbow Wallet | hollymcbride.com

If I’d had a slightly better understanding when I started of how this wallet was going to come together, and which pieces would be used where, I would have swapped the pink and orange in this view, simply to introduce more of the orange color into my half-rainbow wallet. And because I have a legit obsession with this Pindot fabric. In hindsight, it might be kind of obvious what fabric was being used where, but live and learn.

Holly McBride Workshop | Half-Rainbow Wallet | hollymcbride.com

I also would have lightly interfaced the yellow pocket fabric so that you couldn’t see the pink through it. But whatevs.

This was the first time I’d used woven interfacing and i L.O.V.E. it. I found it so much easier than using nonwoven interfacing; it was easier to cut and to adhere, and it gave the quilting cotton some great body. Can I sub woven fusible for nonwoven all the time?! I’m going to have to look into that.

Also, I used 7″ jean zippers for the pockets. I love the metallic teeth and pull, but they’re definitely not as smooth as plastic.

Holly McBride Workshop | Half-Rainbow Wallet | hollymcbride.com

This would make such a great gift for a worthy friend or loved one this holiday season.  I know! I’m talking about the holidays already. But I have at least one holiday-themed class, and a few great gift idea classes planned for the next two months! Stay tuned!

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