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5 colorful, inspiring quilts!

I’ve found myself searching out fun quilts on pinterest lately.  I’m not a quilter (#notaquilter), but since I started developing the Tiny Log Cabin Pincushion class, I’m intrigued.  Quilting allows for playing with color combinations, which I love, and the repetitive sewing is sort of meditative.  I hope to make at least one quilt during my lifetime, just because!

So today I’m sharing five of my favorite inspiring, colorful quilts, in no particular order:

1. Purl Soho’s The Rainbow Quilt.  It’s mini, but packs a colorful punch!


2. Breaking the Grid by Kari at Craft Happy.  This color combination is fabulous, and the complexity/simplicity of the grid is really compelling.  I keep trying to figure it out; I think it’s beyond me.


3. Gingham Patchwork Quilt by Erica at CB Handmade.  I know it’s not colorful, but I’m a sucker for gingham.


4. Color Crush Quilt by Creative Chicks at Play.  Just lovely.

full view

5. Rainbow Cloud Quilt by Sherri Lynn Wood.  This is not your typical quilt, and I love it.


Are you a quilter?  Do you have any greater beginners tips to share?


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